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Mediation is far cheaper than the cost of ongoing litigation and is both cost effective and highly successful.

Mediation can be conducted face to face or ONLINE and both set up and concluded in a matter of weeks.

Courts require parties to consider mediation and can financially penalise parties who fail to engage in the mediation process.

"Parties should respond reasonably to offers to mediate... their conduct in this respect can be taken into account in awarding costs."

Lord Justice Rix
Court of Appeal, 2011, Rolf v De Guerin

"If one party frustrates the [mediation] process by delaying and dragging its feet for no good reason, that will merit a costs sanction."

Lord Justice Jackson
Court of Appeal, 2017, Thakkar & Anr v Patel & Anr

The cost of a 1 day mediation in the UK will typically be between £900 and £1500 per party and will reflect the nature and complexity of issues, the value of the claim, and the time involved in preparation and conduct of any mediation.* Mediator Fees Guide

We do not charge for travel in the UK

We do not charge booking fees

Costs are flexible to match needs and case circumstances.

Contact us and find out more. We will be happy to provide you with an Estimate.

*We also cater for international mediation overseas

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